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Main Contact: David Ferrier

Telephone: +33614196092



Address: Bâtiment Cré@ticité A, 374 allée Antoine d'Abbadie, Technopole Izarbel, 64210 Bidart, FRANCE or 204 Saint-Sacrement, suite300, Montreal, H2Y 1W8, CANADA or Unit 2A-6-2, 6th Floor, Plaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

2MoRO Solutions

2MoRO is the only provider of a fully integrated solution dedicated to Aviation SMEs (Airlines, Aircraft Operators, Repair shops, Aerospace manufacturers) that enables to manage easily Finance, Banking, Sales/Purchasing, Inventory, Maintenance Execution, CAMO, Operations (Flight Schedule and Crew management). Our solutions are operated in 20 countries and are available in 5 languages.
We have offices in Americas, Europe and Asia.
Our partners' network is present in 20 countries with local teams to support the implementation of our solutions.

2MoRO Solutions

2MoRO Solutions is an innovative company dedicated to software development for the Aerospace market. We also have been playing a significant part in hosting European Research & Development programs aimed specifically at pioneering new technologies and standards for the Aerospace Industry.

Over the past 8 years, our team has provided industry-specific Software (Aircraft Maintenance, Fleet Management, Configuration Control, Collaborative platforms and Technical Referential) in conjunction with key players in A&D worldwide including Airbus Helicopters, Airbus, Dassault Aviation and the Safran Group. Our software suites have been operated in over 20 countries and across multiple companies, joint ventures (MTR: Rolls Royce, MTU, Turbomeca, OEM Defence Services: THALES, Safran, Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr, Zodiac Aerospace) and also Airlines (LC Peru, Peruvian Airlines), Aircraft Operators (WestStar Aviation Services, Helisur, Flying Cam...) with their own MRO center or MRO centers (BHIC AeroServices, Airbus Helicopters Malaysia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, SAMES Mexico, Safran Aircraft Engines, ... ). 

2MoRO Solutions is located in America (Canada) and Europe (France) and works with of an increasing network of local partners in America (North America, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Venezuela), Europe and Asia (Singapore). 

2MoRO has signed a strategic partnership with CIMPA, a subsidiary of Sopra Steria Group,so as to provide tailored end-to-end services based on aeronautical and IS expertise and solutions. This partnership enables us to simultaneously offer customized solutions focused on Customers’ in-service needs and a catalogue of proven Aeronautical and Defence software functions.

2MoRO Solutions is a SAP® Partner and provides software certified by SAP® and dedicated to Airlines,  Aircraft Operators, MRO centers and OEM.

Our three products

Aero One® is a SAP® Business One Add-On Solution dedicated to small and medium Airlines, Aircraft Operators, MRO shops, and OEM’s that are looking for an integrated information system to cover all their needs. SAP Business One® provides Financial, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Manufacture, Human Resources functionalities and Aero One® focuses on Aerospace and Defense specific needs like Fleet Management, MRO & Execution, Customer Relationship and Support Management

This solution is often chosen by our customers who are willing to implement
one information system with one unique user interface and one unique data base within their company. They want to be sure of the integrity of their data and they want to stop having to exchange information between the financial software, the warehouse software, the MRO software … SAP® Business One is a world leading solution deployed in more than 33000 companies in 25 countries.

Aero One
® has been operated in more than 14 countries and is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French.

Aero-Webb® is a Web software suite composed of seven modules that enable end-to-end A&D process management around Aircraft Maintenance, Fleet Management, Configuration Management & Control, Technical Referential, Inspection - Workscoping and Sentencing, Maintenance Forecasting and Optimizing, Mobility, Connectivity with other Information Systems (PLM, ERP, MIS, …).

® is a software certified by SAP® and based on SAP NetWeaver but does not require SAP ERP to run. Aero-Webb is considered by our SAP customers as an alternative to customized developments in SAP and also as an alternative to the implementation of a new dedicated MRO software in their existing Information System. 

Its modular & opened architecture enables you to leverage the investment made in your current MRO IT Solutions, by activating the appropriate high added-value functionalities. The result is reduced Total Cost of Ownership and rapid Return on Investment.

® is the solution for medium to large Airlines, Aircraft Operators, MRO Centers and OEM that are looking for an advanced solution to build or complement their IT landscape.

® is used in large companies such as SAFRAN group.

BFly® is a new way of thinking software.

BFly® is our intermediate solution between software and customized development. 

As a highly flexible and collaborative web platform, BFly® can be used by any companies, as an accelerator to deliver a solution to fit to any kind of requirements in the field of Aerospace and Defense (
import of embedded data,  mission management, fleet management, reliability and health management, configuration management and control, master data management, contract support management, ...). 

You will
benefit of our catalog of proven services and then, you will be able to define and design your own screens.

So if you are a large or a small company needing either a full functionalities scope or just a specific one, BFly® can answer expectations.

For example, BFly® is currently used by some of our customers (OEM) to manage their global support contracts.