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Blockchain in Aviation: Bringing Trust, Transparency & Traceability to Aviation

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  • Webinar Session 1 - 24th August 2017 - 06:30
    [10:30 Dubai | 12:00 India | 14:30 Singapore | 15:30 Tokyo | 16:30 Sydney]
  • Webinar Session 2 - 24th August 2017 - 14:30
    [09:30 CDT & 10:30 EDT (USA) | 15:30 London | 16:30 Paris]
Webinar Title: Blockchain in Aviation - Bringing Trust, Transparency & Traceability to Aviation with Next-Gen M&E MRO Software

Hosts: Ramco Aviation, Microsoft, AFI KLM E&M
Date: 14th August 2017
Time: Session 1 - 06:30 UTC/GMT; Session 2 - 14:30 UTC/GMT
Duration: 1 Hour
How to Register: Click here for free registration

Webinar overview:

Register to attend this Webinar for an excellent chance to discover how Blockchain technology can revolutionize aviation. During the Webinar you will hear from Air France Industries / KLM Engineering & Maintenance, Microsoft, and Ramco Aviation as they walk you through the key processes and opportunities.

Key Webinar highlights:
  • Explore real-world Aviation problems that Blockchain can solve
  • Get a sneak peek of numerous enterprise Blockchain use cases for the aviation industry
  • Understand the key benefits of Blockchain including data security, decentralized control etc

James Kornberg, Air France Industries / KLM Engineering & Maintenance
Richard Knight, Microsoft
Ramesh Sivasubramanian, Ramco Aviation

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