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ACFT PERFO YOUR PARTNER IN EFB SOLUTIONS FROM AIRPORT DATABASE TO PERFORMANCE COMPUTATION With years of experience in the support of aviation industry, ACFT PERFO has acquired a solid know-how in the implementation and management of READ MORE...

Sheorey Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd.

ARMS® V2: Aviation Resource Management System

Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd., (SDS), is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified software company, focused on providing software solutions to the aviation industry.  SDS has over 265 people working in major aviation hubs across the country. The core team’s READ MORE...


Flight Planning and Crew Briefing Solutions

AIR SUPPORT specializes in the provision of pc-based flight planning software systems with integrated web-based CrewBriefing services and is the leading European supplier of flight planning software and CrewBriefing solutions to private and commercial READ MORE...


Flightman™ Applications Suite

Aircraft Management Technologies (AMT) is a specialized provider of technology to enable the “Connected Aircraft.” AMT’s Flightman™ product is a complete Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software solution for the aviation industry. Flightman™ enables airlines to READ MORE...

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