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Blockchain in Aviation & Logistics On-Demand Webinar: Bringing Trust, Transparency & Traceability [Pre-recorded]

On-Demand Webinar Title:
Blockchain in Aviation and Logistics On-Demand Webinar - Bringing Trust, Transparency & Traceability to Aviation and Logistics [Inc: Aircraft Parts and Components Use Cases; Blockchain Software Demo; more...]

Hosts: Ramco Aviation, Microsoft, AFI KLM E&M
Date Recorded: 24th August 2017
Duration: 63 minutes

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Webinar overview:

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 24th August 2017) for an excellent chance to discover how Blockchain technology can revolutionize aviation. During the Webinar you will hear from Air France Industries / KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M), Microsoft, and Ramco Aviation as they walk you through the key processes and opportunities.

Blockchain is believed to be the next big technological disruption that would impact multiple industries including Aviation and Logistics. The nature of these industries opens up the possibility of a faulty part or a component to inadvertently enter operations. With safety and regulatory compliance being highly monitored, the cost and implications of such a failure is immense. In such a situation, Blockchain can act as a digital ledger, where every single action about each part or component, be it manufacturing or maintenance or disposal, gets recorded digitally and accurately ensuring traceability, transparency and compliance.

The Webinar begins with Microsoft providing an overview of Blockchain: what it is and how it works. You will learn how Blockchain is a decentralized digital database of transactions that can be programmed to record virtually everything of value including aircraft components and parts. Microsoft will introduce you to their own Blockchain developments and outline some customer case studies. Next AFI KLM E&M will outline some specific aviation use cases including how it uses Blockchain technology to record customers' part transactions - you will see how the solution provides a decentralized database of information that prevents data manipulation / corruption and how it seamlessly integrates with M&E software solutions through APIs.

Finally Ramco will walk you through some additional aviation and logistics Blockchain use cases before showing a live software demonstration.

Key Webinar highlights:
  • Explore real-world Aviation problems that Blockchain can solve
  • Get a sneak peek of numerous enterprise Blockchain use cases for the aviation industry
  • Understand the key benefits of Blockchain including data security, decentralized control etc

James Kornberg, Air France Industries / KLM Engineering & Maintenance
Richard Knight, Microsoft
Ramesh Sivasubramanian, Ramco Aviation

  • Introduction
  • Microsoft: what is Blockchain and how it works. Microsoft solution and customer case studies
  • AFI KLM E&M: Aviation Industry Blockchain use cases
  • Ramco: Aviation and Logistics use cases and live software demonstration
  • Questions and Answers
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