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These Webinar recorded video files offer you the perfect opportunity to quickly see a live overview of the major MRO software systems on the market.  Each demonstration lasts for 1 hour and provides airlines, aircraft operators and MROs with the perfect introduction to an MRO software solution.

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Boeing - Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance Software Demo and Overview Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 15th November 2018) and join Boeing for an overview of data analytics and how it is applied to predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance is an emerging area in aviation that can reduce or eliminate unscheduled maintenance events and help better manage operational uncertainly. During the Webinar Boeing experts will walk you through their examples from their suite of digital products powered by analytics, including Self-Service Analytics and Reliability Advisor. The Webinar will also look ahead to what's next in data analytics - the application of prescriptive analytics.

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FLYdocs - Paperless Aircraft Lease Returns, Digital Records and Compliance Software Demo Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-demand Webinar (recorded 11th October 2018) and join FLYdocs as they walk you through their industry leading paperless aircraft lease return and digital aircraft maintenance records solution, and show you the benefits of digitizing your aircraft maintenance records. Using live software demos you will see how aircraft lease transactions can be performed in a completely paperless way with significant time and cost savings. You will also see how FLYdocs' advanced aviation data and records management platform is used by airlines, lessors, OEMs, MROs and bank and asset managers worldwide (recent customers include: Frontier Airlines, Silk Air, Nordic Aviation Capital, MCAP and Avtrade) to digitize and automate their back office processes, and provide real-time on-demand compliance reports, plus how it can integrate with any M&E / MRO system.

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Flatirons - Paperless Aviation Maintenance Manuals and Tech Pubs Software Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to attend this Webinar and join the paperless and mobile aviation maintenance specialists Flatirons Solutions as they walk you through the their industry leading paperless manuals and technical publications products: CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile. You will see latest developments such as interactive publications; using 3D animations, videos and models to augment work instruction and enhance engineer productivity. And you will see how the solutions, as used by businesses such as American Airlines, and suitable for airlines, operators, OEMs and MROs of all sizes, are available on any mobile device, on-line and off-line, and can integrate with any back-end system.

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Ramco - Reducing AOG Response Time in Business Aviation with Next-Gen Connected Technology Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-demand Webinar (recorded 20th September 2018) and join Ramco and leading MRO provider Jet East Aviation as they show you how the latest connected technology, such as real-time mobile event based notifications to mechanics, BOTs, automatic work package creation, advanced AOG management dashboards, real-time parts and resources visibility and more allows for the swift management of AOGs in a business aviation environment. For commercial airlines, operators and MROs, this Webinar provides the ideal opportunity to learn how business aviation is adopting this latest technology to manage crucial AOGs.

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Ramco - Artificial Intelligence in Aviation Maintenance Software Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 23rd August 2018) and join Ramco to discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive support will enable minimal interaction and data entry with aviation maintenance software. AI is believed to be the next big technological disruption that would impact multiple industries including Aviation. During the Webinar you will discover how systems with ‘AI support capability’ (used in diverse business areas like maintenance reporting, parts demand management, supplier recommendations and dynamic pricing in contracts) leverage historical data to offer intelligent support and suggest next steps to users, such as mechanics, engineers and storekeepers, based on the exact context of their work.

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