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Ramco - MRO/M&E Software Demo Webinar [inc. Mobile MRO Solutions & Role-based WorkSpaces] [Pre-recorded]

Webinar Recording Title: Ramco - MRO/M&E Software Demonstration Webinar [inc. Mobile MRO Solutions & Role-based WorkSpaces]

Host: Ramco Systems
Date Recorded: 18th July 2013
 56 minutes

> How to View the Webinar Recording Video?
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> Webinar Recording Overview:
Register to view this Webinar Recording for an excellent chance to view an as live demonstration of Ramco's next generation, latest Aviation MRO/M&E Software Solution version 5.6 tailor made for airlines, Operators, Heli-Operators and MROs.  

The Webinar takes you on a tour of the rich functionality the latest Ramco MRO/M&E system provides with particular focus on the new, next-generation technology including: role based Work Spaces, proven to increase productivity and efficiency; Mobile MRO Solutions [iPad, Smart Phone, Android, etc - both online and off-line]; Advanced MRO reporting including Analytics, planning, scheduling and optimization; how to cut training time on the new software to hours rather than weeks.

This Webinar provides you with the great chance to see a high-level review of this industry leading end-to-end integrated MRO operations and business management MRO/M&E software solution and see why it is currently used to power 2500+ aircraft and helicopters for some of the biggest names in the industry including: Emirates, Eurocopter, Caribbean Airways, Heavilift, Air India, FL Techincs.  

You will see how the software can assist you to cut costs and increase efficiency with your aviation MRO operations or be able to compare the features and functionality to your current system.

> Who should view this Webinar Recording?
If your answer is YES to most of these questions, you really don’t want to miss this webinar!
  • Does it take weeks to train new personnel on your current aviation system?
  • Are you unable to manage or access MRO operations on-the-go especially in places without internet connectivity?
  • Does it take forever to churn out useful reports with your existing system?
  • Are there at least three unaddressed pain points that you immediately want addressed?
> Full Webinar Recording Preview:
Ramco unleashes the power of role-based WorkSpaces, Mobility and a host of other powerful features in this as LIVE webinar tailor made for Airlines, Heli-Operators and MROs.

With competition perpetually intensifying within the aviation industry, the need for technology to inject frugality, efficiency and productivity into operations and maintenance has become a uno primo for all Airlines, Heli-Operators and MROs. But choosing the right technology partner for M&E/MRO needs is probably the most crucial first step in achieving set goals.

Three critical questions to evaluate the right Aviation IT partner are:
  • What is the breadth and depth, the IT solution offers?
  • Is the solution an end-to-end integrator of entire MRO operations and business management?
  • Who in the industry are currently benefiting from the solution?
With more than 2500+ aircrafts and helicopters powered by Ramco globally, Ramco Aviation Suite is the solution of choice for some of the biggest names in the industry – Eurocopter, Emirates, Hevilift, FLTechnics, Air India and Caribbean Airways to name a few.

Through some robust customer-need research, Ramco has built several key features around the needs of the customer. Embedded with some out-of-the-box visualizations and real world functionality, Ramco’s Aviation Suite has raised the user experience to a whole new level.

Role-Based WorkSpaces
A set of user centric screens built specifically for key aviation roles which when implemented has shown spikes in productivity and efficiency.

Gen-Y interface
Our end user experience are powered by interfaces that are as simple to use as present day smart phone, with no compromise to functional robustness. As a result, training time on our software has dropped from a few weeks (industry average) to just a few hours.

Assume you are 1000 miles away at an aircraft hangar or in the midst of a business meeting in central London. Our built-in mobility solution for iPads, iPhones and android devices will keep you connected anywhere, anytime, even in places where there is no internet connectivity.

In-Memory Computing & Seamless integration
  • Integrated advanced reporting with analytical capabilities for faster decision making
  • In-Memory Computing for 10x improvement in speed of complex requirements such as advanced planning, scheduling and optimization
  • Easy “plug-and-play” integration capabilities with extended aviation eco-system of aviation suppliers, OEMs and service providers of the industry.
> Webinar Agenda:
Introduction to Ramco Systems 

  Ramco Aviation Suite V5.6 demo & highlights
  • Offline Field Maintenance (OFMS) – Case study
  • WorkSpaces
  • Mobility
  • Time & Attendance capabilities – Case Study
  • Advance reporting capabilities
  --  Q&A session

> About the Aircraft IT Webinar Series:
Every 2 weeks the Aircraft IT MRO portal hosts a different live Webinar, each Webinar hosted by a different IT Vendor.  These sessions represent the perfect opportunity to learn about a software solution in a more informal manner and to quickly gain an in depth knowledge of all the major systems on the market, all from the comfort of your own office or home with no sales pressure.

The IT vendor provides a live software demonstration/masterclass of their solution and explains how it can benefit airlines, MROs, Operators, OEMs, Leasing Companies.  Once logged on, online delegates can ask questions via the interactive sections of the Webinar or simply sit back and watch and listen to the demonstration.  There are two sessions during the day, each differently times to accommodate all time zones.

Each Webinar session is recorded and posted back to the Aircraft IT website a few days after the live session to allow you to view the content again with your colleagues.  The library of past Webinar recordings provide an invaluable reference source of MRO software demonstrations from the World's leading MRO IT Vendors.

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