Electronic Task Cards

We will help you achieve

Streamlined paperwork compliance

Instant access to accurate manuals and reference material

Real-time task information including sign offs

Digital Solution. Simplified Processes

Drop paper task tracking and move to our efficient and simple process.

The TrustFlight Task Cards application streamlines your MRO operation, providing your engineers with fast and accurate access to the procedures they need, makes planning simpler, and smooths inspector approvals leading to safer and more efficient task completion.

Management and delivery of aircraft maintenance has been brought into the 21st century.

Bring efficiency to your operations

Speed up maintenance tasks and deliver a smoother and safer experience for your engineers while tracking metrics to help you refine your processes.

Simplified Task Management

Task Cards ensures your engineering team are working on the optimum tasks at any given time. Full visibility of records ensures nothing is missed and aircraft are released on time.

Easily Accessible Data

Task Cards makes all the required information readily available allowing engineers to focus on the tasks at hand whilst ensuring they are working to correct procedures.

Streamlined Sign Off Process

Task Cards makes inspector sign off simple while still bringing added checks and validation to reduce the risks of any non-compliance.

Designed with airworthiness and
maintenance experts

TrustFlight is uniquely embedded in the aviation industry with a team that extends far beyond software engineering to include pilots and aircraft engineers.

Our Task Cards take a traditionally complex and time-consuming process and simplify it leading to increased quality and productivity. By leveraging a fully digital process, many additional features can be gained.

  • Task allocation and planning
  • Automated time tracking
  • Seamless inspector sign off
  • Accurate automated documentation handling
  • Interactive step visualisation
  • Back-office analytics and data visualisation
  • Intuitive design requires minimal training and reduces errors and omissions

CAMO Benefits

Our Task Cards application ensures that your engineers can focus their time on what they do best and through real-time updates on task completion, your aircraft’s CAMO will always be in the loop. With a dashboard showing live progress on maintenance, real-time reporting of defects encountered or additional tasks being performed, and fully automatic entry of completed records, you will have unparalleled oversight of your maintenance and associated costs.

Full Ecosystem.
Seamless Integration.

We’ve worked hard to integrate Task Cards into most popular service provider’s products to ensure that data need only be entered once.

How it works?

TrustFlight Task Cards works seamlessly with MRO software solutions such as AMOS.

By using your MRO software as usual for organising maintenance work orders, TrustFlight will import your workpackages and sync them with the Task Cards app. As your engineers sign-off task steps, the app syncs with the TrustFlight core and, upon completion of the workpackage, will push the status back to your MRO platform for an end-to-end paperless workflow.