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AVIOBOOK, a Thales Group company, supports airlines as a partner in their digital strategy. AVIOBOOK offers a comprehensive and highly integrated suite of ground and flight applications, systems and solutions that connect all stakeholders and key assets in a safe and secure manner. This, combined with expertise in data and cyber security, gives airlines an edge through greater efficiency and ultimately sustainable, profitable growth.

AVIOBOOK, a Thales Group company, is uniquely positioned to bring together the latest robust technologies to design world-class secure, easy to use software and hardware solutions for all types of aircraft. With extensive experience in software and hardware, our innovative solutions maximise the efficiency of aircraft and their crew. We provide integrated applications, systems and services to increase operational efficiency and enhance operational decision making.

Software: Our AVIOBOOK application suite

Pilots, cabin crew, dispatchers and ground staff can use the AVIOBOOK application suite anywhere and anytime without having to create new working sessions each time, making communication between the cockpit, cabin and back-office faster and more efficient than ever before. The software suite consists of AvioBook, AvioCabin, AvioConnect, AvioTech and AvioBase.

Hardware: AvioSystems

AvioSystems is our hardware solutions and includes:

  • Thales Pad: a Windows®-based tablet specifically designed for cockpit operations;
  • Dock & Fly system: a smart docking solution for pilots to safely use their tablet EFBs during all phases of flights, including a tablet shell and a smart adaptor. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of devices, currently including Apple® iPad Air 2® And Ipad Pro 9.7″;
  • The mounting & power installation compatible with both Thales Pad and Dock & Fly system;
  • AvioCast: an all-in-one QAR/AID/Onboard server/WAP device installed in the cockpit.


  • AvioCyber: AVIOBOOK offers its cyber expertise to aviation leaders eager to sly secure and protect their valuable data;
  • AvioData: it provides efficient, reliable and qualitative data deliveries to avionics (Navigation DataBase) & related services and options;
  • AvioIntegrations: a dedicated team focusing entirely on the agile systems integration of the airline’s back-end systems;
  • AvioHosting: hosting, failover and backup services


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